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This week Dr. Jack and Mary look at the controversy of neuropathy. At once a terribly disruptive disease ruining peoples’ lives and a confoundingly difficult disease to diagnose and treat with conventional medications.

Of course, the medical establishment retreats to opiates for most severe neuropathy cases, completely surrendering to the idea that neuropathy is here to stay with every patient who has it. But as is so often the case, Dr. Jack and Mary have very real experience successfully eliminating neuropathic pain with many of their clinical patients over the years.

There are nutritional components at play, and in many cases, routine NUCCA adjustments can have extraordinary effects on the worst sufferers.

It’s time that we start addressing the root causes of neuropathy when there is no obvious scarring or physical trauma. Even where there is, the pain doesn’t have be unbearable, and patients don’t need to be out of their minds on synthetic pain killers. Tune in to find out how real relief is possible. Take back control of your pain and your life.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary have compiled something special; a list of their best "life hacks", using nutrition and their combined 45 years as healers as a road-map. Many simple solutions elude so many of us. And so much misinformation muddies the waters of our optimal health, that it was high-time to build our greatest hits list of forbidden pearls.

For example, did you know when you are fighting a cold or flu, you are really at your healthiest? Or do you know what it means if your urine is bubbly? Or is it true that our finger nails can actually provide clues to wellness?

Tune in to discover many forbidden pearls of wisdom you probably never knew.

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It finally happened! A peer reviewed study of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children revealed significant neurological and immunological problems in the vaccinated population compared to the un-vaccinated group.

Then, unbelievably, the study vanished from the web!

This week Dr. Jack and Mary show us the paper trail that led them to find the study again, learn more about what happened, and most importantly, we put together a care package in this weeks resources so our listeners can review the study themselves!

Tune in to learn more about the first ever, peer reviewed study of vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated children, and what the silencing might mean in the scientific community.

The fight is now. These are the droids we're looking for!

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary highlight an all too common phenomenon in supplements: synthetic anti-oxidants. We’ve all been hearing about the “healing power” of anti-oxidants since the 1980’s. It's bunk. What continues to be left out is that oxidative processes are not only a natural part of cell life-cycle, but could be the all-essential mechanism for maintaining healthy cells in the first place.

In other words, apoptosis, or cell death should not be prevented; especially not by ham-fisted attempts to artificially suppress the natural cell life-cycle with synthetic antioxidants.

Tune in to learn of an entire class of supplements to avoid, and one in particular that you should stop taking immediately in order to avoid an early death.

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This week we bring you a wonderful story of survival and an inspiring story of courage. And these stories were only possible because the subjects of these stories left their tribes.

Nothing illustrates the journey we’ve been on the last few weeks better than a couple of anecdotes from the real world.

These remarkable individuals take paths that get to the heart of our new insights about our tribes and about our conscious choices, good and bad. Tune in to put all the pieces of the last 2 shows together.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary continue to peel back the layers on our tribal tendencies, and the ferocity with which your tribe may work to keep you down, or isolate you from those close to you.

The demands of your tribe could be ruining your chances for real happiness in life, or truly great health. Tune in to take a step back from your own situation, evaluate the tribe or tribes to which you belong, and take a moment of self-honesty to discover what you might need to do for yourself.

This one, no one can do for you.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss tribal shame and how each of us is impacted in fundamental ways, by the manner in which we strive to fit in in society. The self-surrender necessary to be part of the tribe - be it your family, your neighborhood, your town, or your country cuts both ways. There can be amazing, wonderful benefits to tribal inclusiveness, of course. But there can be seriously detrimental effects on your psyche and your well-being when you are going along with the tribe.

Leaving the tribe can sometimes feel nigh impossible. Tune in to find out why we each have to own our place in the tribe and we each have to have the courage to sometimes "leave the tribe", to save our health and our sanity.

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And so we come to Part 2 of our show on the Enzyme Theory of Cancer. You've often heard us talk about why enzymes are important and digestive enzymes play crucial roles in so many different functions, that we risk over-stating the obvious.

But cancer is different, and the medical establishment’s limited success dealing with particular cancers using conventional means has left many people helpless and hopeless. It's why we try to shed light on not-well-known research that has been too quickly dismissed by the medical establishment for a variety of reasons.

Dr. Gonzalez' work on the Enzyme Theory of Cancer met with a great deal of opposition, and has been stymied by badly constructed verification studies, seemingly designed to discredit the theory, rather than get at the truth.

These enzyme catalysts may be the key to combating certain cancers and this truth is powerful for those running out of options. Tune in to learn why it's high time we give enzyme/cancer theory another close look.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary wanted to cover a tough topic. There is so much information out there about cancer that completely ignores the nutritional elements of the disease, or misinformation about alternative medicine doctors "using herbs instead of chemo" which just isn't correct.

We don't think of the work we do at Forbidden Doctor as "alternative" healing so much as <em>complimentary </em>healing. It is high time that doctors and patients took the patient's nutritional profile as seriously as anything they are doing to treat their malignancy.

To help us understand why it is so critical, we dive into the science behind Dr. John Beard's enzyme theory of cancer, modernized by Dr. Nicholas Kelly around the clues of the trophoblast that made this theory whole.

Coupled with a healthy digestive system, the right foods and concentrated enzymes can nourish a body battling cancer and the effects of chemotherapy in wonderful ways.

Tune in to hear how Dr. Beard and Dr. Gonzales' fascinating stories apply to modern principles of nutritional support.

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This week we bring you part of of Dr. Jack and Mary's brand new update based on numerous vaccination and autism studies; some as new as February 2017.

Last week we covered the first 3 important take-aways from all of this stunning new research, and this week we bring you the 4th major take away - and it's a doozy.

Where do these studies lead from here, considering most of them were not from US sources? The answer to that question will involve each and every one of us and how much we are willing to get involved to spread the truth.

Tune in to fine out why!

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