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We are right in the middle of one the deadliest influenza outbreaks in recent memory. The normally dubious flu vaccine has shown to be even more worthless than normal this year.

So what do we do instead? We have terrified people showing up to our clinic wanting solutions, which made us realize we have information to share which may help our regular patients as well as our podcast listeners and their friends and family.

The result is one of our more comprehensive podcasts as Dr. Jack and Mary take us through the three stages of influenza to consider.

BEFORE: What state is your immune system in? We go through the steps necessary to nourish your body to fight off dangerous pathogens in the first place. Hopefully, this is the only knowledge you need!

DURING: This can be a very dangerous period, even for perfectly healthy people! Your nutrition and hydration may be the only factors that separate survivors from non-survivors.

AFTER: The damage wrought by influenza to the body’s tissues can take months to recover from. Even more frightening are the victims who survived the flu, only to succumb to a bacterial infection in their weakened bodies. We have critical steps to take to help you replenish your natural defenses.

Tune in to learn about the three stages you will go through. We are all already in Stage 1. Find out what you need to know.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary explore the science of the much renowned GAPS Soup. Known for impacting all aspects of digestion from acid-alkaline balance to nutrient absorption. But that's just the start. The rich, nutrient-dense broth can nourish and impact every major system. In the nervous system is helps with pain management and anxiety. In the lungs it enables better support against asthma. For the skin and joints there are a host of supporting active nutrients helping with skin health, scar tissue, colic and more. The musculature benefits as well by helping to prevent cramps and spasms. Did we mention hair, nails, virility, kidney stones, insomnia? You get the idea.

But what exactly is GAPS soup? It's a broth unlike any you've likely ever had unless you are older than 60.

Most people don't prepare their own broth that much anymore. It's so easy to grab stock at the store. But just wait until you learn about real broth, the way broth was originally made and consumed by humans.

The practices of our ancestors go right to the heart of GAPS and what we are trying to educate about at Forbidden Doctor.

So what's all the hubbub about GAPS broth, and why is it so different from MSG-laden rubbish at the supermarket? Tune in to find out. You'll never think the same about soup again.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary are back with one of our more popular formats: the Forbidden Pearls.

Here we tackle glandular health, sciatica, methods of cooking meat that are unhealthy, antibiotics, migraines, constipation and more.

With more than 25 years of clinical experience, the Stockwells have learned a thing or two about nutritional health. Take this journey with us and discover pearls of wisdom to share with friends and loved ones in your own life. Drugs are rarely the answer doctors make them out to be. First, start with foundational, nutritional healing. Tune in to find out more.

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Are all vaccines bad? Believe it or not, the jury is still out on so many different types of vaccines, it may be safer to avoid them.

But what is less controversial is the emerging studies that continue to cast doubt on the safety and efficacy of so many vaccines, on so young a patient.

Before we are able to answer once and for all if vaccines outweigh the dangers of the diseases they are meant to treat, we at least need to be honest about the crazed aggression in our current vaccination schedule on newborns and infants. Mary and Dr. Jack have put together this special podcast to guide new parents, or anyone interested in this controversial topic, as they wade into the waters of modern vaccination science and politics. 

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In this podcast, Dr. Jack and Mary uncover the scientific foundations of our modern understanding of arthritis. In the clinic the Stockwells have helped people who couldn't walk - even with drugs - because of their debilitating arthritis pain. The drugs, in fact, can make matters worse while masking symptoms.

It's a heart-breaking and disruptive condition, but one with a nutritional component that is totally ignored in modern medicine's rush to medicate.

Dive into the science of arthritis, and learn what you need to know to nourish yourself away from this dreaded malady without having to rely on pain meds for the rest of your life.

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Today we are very excited to introduce the next chapter at Forbidden Doctor, with our very own take on the so-called Direct Primary Care phenomenon underway in the US health care system.

Let's face it, doctors are well-intentioned, but ill-equipped to do much beyond diagnosis and treatment of symptoms. In many cases, the foundational reason you went to see the doctor is left un-addressed, or worse, the "solution" is taking drugs for the rest of your life to mask the symptoms without true healing.

Enough is enough. We now have the technology to allow Dr. Jack, Mary and their clinicians to work with each of you on a monthly basis, to guide you and modify your healing path as needed. No one is healed over night and no one is healthy all the time.

What each of us really needs is expert care, as we navigate our nutritional and health choices BEFORE there is a crisis, when nutritional wisdom can intervene to keep standard physicians at bay. If we can get this foundational part of our health right, playing the guessing game with busy doctors and prescription drugs can truly be a thing of the past.

Tune in to learn how all this is possible, with technology, and a commitment to be accountable to your health, from two of our thought leaders in holistic nutrition.

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Dr. Jack and Mary continue this week with our deep dive into the flu vaccine taken from an episode last year. They explain the differences and cooperation between cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity, and more importantly, the way vaccinations bypass the natural, cell-mediated part of the process, undermining the normal immune response with a synthetic replacement that may or may not work, as discussed in the last episode.

The compounds used as an adjuvent or irritant are the real question. No studies are available demonstrating long-term health impacts of toxins like those found in many vaccines (in allegedly safe, limited dosages) when you continue to receive vaccinations on a regular basis.

The lack of research or even concern about this potentially toxic accumulation is puzzling and troubling, but then again, what can we expect from our modern medical culture?

Is there any hope or reason to be optimistic in this battle against wanton, ever increasing vaccination? Watch our videocast and find out!

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We have a culture of seasonal flu shots, despite the fact that the effectiveness varies so wildly as to be almost completely ineffective some years, because of the nature of the influenza virus, and because of the wrong-headed strategy we take to battle these common pathogens every year.

Now of course some folks should err on the side of caution and get the flu shot if they have seriously compromised immune systems, but the rest of us would do much better nourishing our bodies and our immune systems with the right food. The myth of herd immunity doesn’t come into play with flu vaccines, as guessing which strains to make into a vaccine is never going to eradicate all strains of influenza in a given season anyway.

Dr. Jack and Mary dive into the science of influenza virus and the vaccinations we use to thwart influenza breakouts. You’re really going to want to watch this…plus we’ve got a nutritional blast we’re going to recommend that you can make yourself. And you’ll love it!

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary finish their deep dive of heart health and heart attack lore.

In our last episode, we showed why the common "low-fat" wisdom of heart health and heart attack survival is killing more and more of us every year, but then what is the answer? What should we focus on to give our hearts their best shot at long-term, problem-free health, instead?

Dr. Jack and Mary have years working to heal both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The heart operates at the cross-roads of these two systems, and is impacted dramatically by both. Crucially, there are physical and physiological factors that put these two systems out of balance in most people; especially as we succumb more and more to stress.

The good news is that both spinal corrections and nourishing the nervous system has some of the most obvious benefit for heart health patients we've measured, and is intuitively aligned with what we know about whole food nutrition.

So where do we start? What steps to take to get these systems back in balance? Tune in to find out...

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary take a look at heart health and heart attack lore.

Widely publicized research is bringing into question the entire protocol for treating heart attack patients. From the ongoing myth of no-fat, vegetarian or vegan dietary recommendations, to completely ignoring collateral arteries and their role in survival of heart attacks, the medical establishment has lost the nuance at the “heart” of the science of heart attacks.

And what are we to make of doctor’s recommendations for heart health when they appear to be so ignorant of the role of nutrition at the foundation of everything? With hundreds of millions of dollars a day spent on bypass surgeries, and little to no evidence that these procedures are lengthening lives or even doing material good for the vast majority of heart attack victims, what exactly are we doing here, besides spending a lot of money?

Tune in to learn about what DOESN’T cause heart attacks, despite what you’ve been told.

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