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We've all been trained to think that heartburn, gas and bloating are minor nuisances, easy to medicate in various ways from anti-acids to more radical acid inhibitors. Now more than ever, research shows us how simple-minded this type of thinking is.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss several critical components of digestion. Not only is our body telling us important information when you have heartburn or bloating, but it's positively irresponsible to ignore or medicate these issues away.

Both our diet choices, as well as our gut health could be seriously compromised, causing all kinds of digestion disruption symptoms, including the three we are talking about here.

The good news is that nutrition and whole food supplements can cause an amazing transformation to your gut health, curbing or even eliminating heartburn, gas and bloating.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should tune in to learn about the real science at work in your gut, and what you can do to treat heartburn, gas, & bloating naturally.

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We're back! Thanks for waiting patiently...

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss variations of the "placebo" effect and "nocebo" effect, and why these phenomenon matter.

As holistic practitioners have known for year, the composition of your thoughts and attitudes can have a direct effect on your wellness, and how you respond to treatment when you aren't well.

This is a very big deal in this current world of fixed fates, based on the blueprint of our DNA. Many experts essentially insist that DNA is the end of the discussion when it comes to your body. The codes therein dictate what's going to happen to your health in your life. But evidence from even the earliest DNA studies know better.

It's far more complicated, and this is where our very thoughts can have direct impacts on brain and body chemistry, and even gene expression.

It may not be necessary to take the severe steps Angelina Jolie took when she discovered that her DNA contained the chance of deadly breast and ovarian cancer. But what must you do if you have troubling DNA suggesting some future disease?

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This week we continue the story of Dr. Beard, and the modern incarnation of his work to correlate enzymes with tumor growth.

It's fair to say the Enzyme Theory of Cancer has had a rebirth in the work of Drs. Gonzales and Isaacs in recent years, with marvelous results seen in many countries where it's easier to administer alternative treatments.

Are we seeing the culmination of years of self-healing theory when it comes to cancer itself? And what do pharmaceutical companies have to say about this type of research?

Tune in this week to learn about the exciting science of cancer.


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This week Dr. Jack and Mary look back to the history of cancer theory, and particularly a theory posited by Dr. John Beard at the turn of the 20th century more than 100 years ago.

The Enzyme Theory of Cancer would prove such an interesting and effective method, that it was immediately misunderstood and misapplied; consequently being outlawed.

Flash-forward the present, and experts are starting to come around to the role enzymes can play in nourishing the battle against malignant growth in the human body.

The problem, as usual, is where to get the proper enzymes in the foods we consume; something much more difficult to achieve with our modern diet and new-fangled definition of the word "food".

But the science is sound, and it's time to start taking the role of enzymes throughout the body much more seriously.

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Forget everything you knew about cholesterol...AGAIN. Ever deepening research into the functions of our blood are showing again and again that not only have decades of recommendations from the FDA been inaccurate at best, but could have been downright detrimental to millions of doctor-abiding patients, trying to do what is right and what the medical establishment is telling them.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary dig into the myriad benefits of cholesterol (you read that right!) and why the over simplification of "good cholesterol" vs. "bad cholesterol" could be killing you.

You're not going to want to miss this one...


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This week Dr. Jack and Mary have scoured the best "Ask Dr. Jack and Mary" questions to dig in and elaborate on some of the responses they provided directly to the listeners.

Hear about the impacts of supplements on nursing mothers, how to eat healthy in a finicky family, acid reflux redux, dealing with urinary tract infections in a child without antibiotics, and how we can all start eating gluten again!

We love questions from our listeners! It's the reason we do what we do!

Tune in for some great questions.

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This week took us a little longer to put together. 16 months longer, to be exact. We had a very popular podcast (#16 - Forbidden Forgiveness - The 5 Minute Forgiveness Cure) and recorded a follow-up shortly thereafter. But then, several current events happened, and we shelved the follow-up to focus on different topics. Then a month went by. Then a year went by...

We decided in this time of giving thanks that it would be a perfect show for this week.

We delve into a few heavy topics, including forgiveness, atonement, guilt. Dr. Jack and Mary have some startling insights and original thinking on the question of forgiveness, and more importantly, the "facade of forgiveness" thrust upon us or that we display to others when real forgiveness hasn't occurred.

There is no way to heal yourself, and be the most well version of yourself, until you get why you still haven't forgiven yourself, or those around you, and why it's harming you to keep up the facade.

Open your minds and hearts for this one. You deserve it!

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This week we have a very special videocast.

We have a guest interview with Joseph Antel, a long-term survivor of what he was told would incurable cancer. Through stunning CT scans, you can see a very frightening picture of Joseph's cancer, which had begun to spread.

The prognosis was grim, but Joseph is no ordinary cancer patient. As a long-term nutritionist and whole food supplement specialist, he was uniquely poised to address his condition using part standard Western medicine, and part changes in his behavior, changes in his nutrition, and changes in his attitude toward his own vitality.

The result is an unforgettable good news story we'd love to share with you. Joseph's journey can mimic so many of our experiences, the lessons he took away from this very close brush with disaster are invaluable to anyone serious about their own wellness.

Watch and learn from an "incurable" cancer survivor, the steps he took to rid his body of the disease.

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This week we continue with our exposé on the flu vaccine.

Dr. Jack and Mary explain the differences and cooperation between cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity, and more importantly, the way vaccinations bypass the natural, cell-mediated part of the process, undermining the normal immune response with a synthetic replacement that may or may not work, as discussed last week.

The compounds used as an adjuvent or irritant are the real question. No studies are available demonstrating long-term health impacts of toxins like those found in many vaccines (in allegedly safe, limited dosages) when you continue to receive vaccinations on a regular basis.

The lack of research or even concern about this potentially toxic accumulation is puzzling and troubling, but then again, what can we expect from our modern medical culture?

Is there any hope or reason to be optimistic in this battle against wanton, ever increasing vaccination? What our videocast and learn more!

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It's that time of year again. No, not flu shot time! It's time that your immune system goes into overdrive to battle the illnesses of Fall and Winter. Is your body properly nourished to deal with the increase of seasonal pathogens headed your way?

We have a culture of seasonal flu shots, despite the fact that the effectiveness varies so wildly as to be almost completely ineffective some years, because of the nature of the influenza virus, and because of the wrong-headed strategy we take to battle these common pathogens.

Now of course some folks should err on the side of caution and get the flu shot if they have seriously compromised immune systems, but the rest of us would do much better nourishing our bodies and our immune systems with concentrated whole foods.

Dr. Jack and Mary dive into the science of influenza virus and the vaccinations we use to thwart influenza breakouts. You're really going to want to watch this...along with the science, we've got a great nutrition blast we're going to recommend that you can make yourself. And you'll love it!

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