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December 2016
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This week Dr. Jack and Mary have scoured the best "Ask Dr. Jack and Mary" questions to dig in and elaborate on some of the responses they provided directly to the listeners.

Hear about the impacts of supplements on nursing mothers, how to eat healthy in a finicky family, acid reflux redux, dealing with urinary tract infections in a child without antibiotics, and how we can all start eating gluten again!

We love questions from our listeners! It's the reason we do what we do!

Tune in for some great questions.

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This week took us a little longer to put together. 16 months longer, to be exact. We had a very popular podcast (#16 - Forbidden Forgiveness - The 5 Minute Forgiveness Cure) and recorded a follow-up shortly thereafter. But then, several current events happened, and we shelved the follow-up to focus on different topics. Then a month went by. Then a year went by...

We decided in this time of giving thanks that it would be a perfect show for this week.

We delve into a few heavy topics, including forgiveness, atonement, guilt. Dr. Jack and Mary have some startling insights and original thinking on the question of forgiveness, and more importantly, the "facade of forgiveness" thrust upon us or that we display to others when real forgiveness hasn't occurred.

There is no way to heal yourself, and be the most well version of yourself, until you get why you still haven't forgiven yourself, or those around you, and why it's harming you to keep up the facade.

Open your minds and hearts for this one. You deserve it!

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This week we have a very special videocast.

We have a guest interview with Joseph Antel, a long-term survivor of what he was told would incurable cancer. Through stunning CT scans, you can see a very frightening picture of Joseph's cancer, which had begun to spread.

The prognosis was grim, but Joseph is no ordinary cancer patient. As a long-term nutritionist and whole food supplement specialist, he was uniquely poised to address his condition using part standard Western medicine, and part changes in his behavior, changes in his nutrition, and changes in his attitude toward his own vitality.

The result is an unforgettable good news story we'd love to share with you. Joseph's journey can mimic so many of our experiences, the lessons he took away from this very close brush with disaster are invaluable to anyone serious about their own wellness.

Watch and learn from an "incurable" cancer survivor, the steps he took to rid his body of the disease.

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This week we continue with our exposé on the flu vaccine.

Dr. Jack and Mary explain the differences and cooperation between cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity, and more importantly, the way vaccinations bypass the natural, cell-mediated part of the process, undermining the normal immune response with a synthetic replacement that may or may not work, as discussed last week.

The compounds used as an adjuvent or irritant are the real question. No studies are available demonstrating long-term health impacts of toxins like those found in many vaccines (in allegedly safe, limited dosages) when you continue to receive vaccinations on a regular basis.

The lack of research or even concern about this potentially toxic accumulation is puzzling and troubling, but then again, what can we expect from our modern medical culture?

Is there any hope or reason to be optimistic in this battle against wanton, ever increasing vaccination? What our videocast and learn more!

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It's that time of year again. No, not flu shot time! It's time that your immune system goes into overdrive to battle the illnesses of Fall and Winter. Is your body properly nourished to deal with the increase of seasonal pathogens headed your way?

We have a culture of seasonal flu shots, despite the fact that the effectiveness varies so wildly as to be almost completely ineffective some years, because of the nature of the influenza virus, and because of the wrong-headed strategy we take to battle these common pathogens.

Now of course some folks should err on the side of caution and get the flu shot if they have seriously compromised immune systems, but the rest of us would do much better nourishing our bodies and our immune systems with concentrated whole foods.

Dr. Jack and Mary dive into the science of influenza virus and the vaccinations we use to thwart influenza breakouts. You're really going to want to watch this...along with the science, we've got a great nutrition blast we're going to recommend that you can make yourself. And you'll love it!

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There are so many misconceptions about synthetic vitamins. The FDA likes to claim there is no difference between the synthetic vitamins they spray on "enriched foods" and the vitamin complexes found in our natural food sources.

This is complete bunk.

For decades now we've seen synthetic, isolated vitamins packaged into "take-one-a-day" vitamin supplements. It's absolutely HUGE business, because most of us can detect that our processed food diets are lacking in essential nutrition.

The problem is, we aren't solving the problem taking isolated synthetic vitamins; indeed you can even have vitamin toxicity if you aren't careful with these processed, "enriched" vitamin sources.

This goes to the heart of what we are all about at Forbidden Doctor. Only nutrition from whole foods or supplements derived from whole food concentrates can possibly replace or augment our nutritional profiles. Dr. Jack and Mary take us into the science of the vitamin complex and what it means to our health. Don't miss this videocast!

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The expert "literature" on diet and nutrition in this country is all over the place. This week, Dr. Jack and Mary attempt to simplify things by deflating several myths of a vegan or vegetarian diet. Turns out all of the back and forth over the years on recommendations related to cholesterol, fat and nutrition have created schizophrenia in our diets and the way we think about food! This is especially true of meat-free or animal by-product-free diets, but the problem is, there is real danger of being malnourished if you don't eat meat.

While we respect the reasons why people are interested in pursuing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, there are some critical things you must understand if you are going to risk the hit to your nourishment that these lifestyles entail.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle a growing health problem for more and more Americans. It's actually problems, because our medical system's drug-addled approach has created numerous, chronic conditions that are slowly killing their patients.

We're talking about Heartburn.

In some ways, our body's first warning that we are probably eating garbage, heartburn has been a large-scale health problem for as long as we've had industrialized food production. Not to say there weren't serious reflux problems more than 100 years ago, but it wasn't impacting nearly everyone 100 years ago the way it seems to today.

But if you think the solution is to suppress acid production in your stomach, you need to listen to this very serious correction in your thinking.

People are taking drugs meant to be taken for weeks to an address isolated event, and they are taking them for their entire adult lives. Are you one of them?

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This is our most important podcast to date! With a very special announcement for an incredible new, free service, Dr. Jack and Mary dive into the science of heart health.

The problem with the modern day state of things (believe it or not, nearly 50 years after LBJ's tragic, fatal heart attack) is that doctors try to measure for existing damage. If your heart does not contain the scarring associated with prior heart attacks, EKG's will not detect or report any problems; even in a severely unhealthy heart!

With everything else in modern medicine, common sense takes a back seat to radical treatments of heart ailments, even as decades of research has gone unchallenged about the critical role nutrition plays in heart health.

The heart cells are replaced every 30 days. What you eat matters, and will inform the health of your heart into the future. Because the heart is the first to receive nutrients in the bloodstream, you can begin to nourish your heart in minutes, if you are eating the right foods, or taking the right concentrated whole food supplements.

Stay tuned to hear about the re-emergence of fabulous medical technology that you can now take advantage of, free of charge (in Utah, at least)!

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss mental health issues; specifically the role malnutrition is thought to play across numerous mental health conditions. There seems to be a correlation between nutrition and anxiety, fear, depression and more.

With drugs often prescribed for these conditions, any root cause nutritional deficiencies are not addressed. That's why we are here!

We are also very please to announce a slight upgrade in your experience with Forbidden Doctor's podcast. We are now a Videocast! (sort of)

Our audio is now accompanied by video slides that augment the materials we are discussing each week. For those of you driving or running around with no screen to watch, don't worry! We are still a podcast first. Our audio presentation will remain focused on your ears!

But we hope those of you with screens can now enjoy supplemental content as you listen.


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