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This week we bring you part of of Dr. Jack and Mary's brand new update based on numerous vaccination and autism studies; some as new as February 2017.

Last week we covered the first 3 important take-aways from all of this stunning new research, and this week we bring you the 4th major take away - and it's a doozy.

Where do these studies lead from here, considering most of them were not from US sources? The answer to that question will involve each and every one of us and how much we are willing to get involved to spread the truth.

Tune in to fine out why!

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Vaccinations. So much has been said, and so many studies overstating the claim of no linkage between autism and vaccinations, that anyone questioning the efficacy or safety of our modern vaccination protocol are considered vile troublemakers.

The real question at the heart of vaccine controversy is still ignored. After several brand new studies continue to bolster the linkage between vaccines and a host of neurological problems being triggered at all ages, we need to ask ourselves whether the risk of protection from a dreaded disease outweighs the risk of vaccination toxicity, a phenomenon emerging from much more detailed studies being conducted in recent years.

Vaccinations have nearly eradicated a host of diseases to be sure. For many other maladies, it's less clear how helpful they are. There is no simple answer here, but there is no denying a very real phenomenon, blowing up in study after study.

We recognize how polarizing this topic can be. Paraphrasing Mary from today's podcast, "we wish we were wrong."

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This week we get part 2 of the saga of Dr. Jack's oral surgery. It's not enough to remove the diseased teeth, although that's a huge start. Then nutrition has to take over with self-healing foods, or if you are lucky enough to have access to whole food concentrates, specific nutritional protocols.

In particular, Dr Jack needed strong bone building components, heart healing nutrients to reverse years of low-grade infection, and immune nourishment to help his body recover from the surgery without antibiotics.

But where might he turn for such expertise? Good thing he and Mary have been "training" his Forbidden Doctor for many years. Mary built what we now see will be a cornerstone of failed root canal tooth extraction nutrition.

That's a mouthful!

Tune in for the terrific conclusion and next steps for the Stockwells after learning these astonishing facts about a killer that was literally under Dr. Jack's nose.

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After some stunning dental developments with Dr. Jack, he and Mary learned much more than they bargained for about the history of dentistry, the root canal process and numerous studies related to this procedure. More to the point, they learned why we may all be poisoning ourselves slowly, through the deadening of nerves in teeth, which in turn disguises all manner of severe infections and necrotizing tissue that could be festering in many of our mouths right now.

You read that right - dead and decaying matter in the "heart" of root canal treated teeth!

And as usual, there are financial forces directing the discrediting of doctors and dentists that have been trying to raise this alarm for many years. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on root canals annually, and it is a procedure with terrific margins for the attending dental surgeon. No one wants to learn that this popular procedure could be making people extremely sick over time.

Dr. Jack has been recovering for two weeks after the removal of several diseased teeth that had been in his mouth for years after routine root canals. In his own words, "I feel like I'm ten years younger." We broke this important podcast into two parts because there was a lot to cover in this amazing saga of Jack's teeth.

And Mary is scheduled for an extraction of her lone root canal tooth next week! Tune in to find out why...

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary go into the mail bag, to highlight some terrific questions and feedback from listeners to the show, and hopefully educate along the way.

We have a wide array of topics we are covering here from heartburn to hemorrhoids, prenatal supplements to cancer, and many more.

You are the reason we do this show, and this week is all about you and the types of questions our listeners give us that could help many of you. In all cases the advice given is meant for particular patients and not intended to change someone's existing medications or treatment plan, but many people still don't see how everyday maladies and concerns can be managed and even reversed, by nourishing the body with whole food concentrates.

This week, get a glimpse of the types of nutritional counseling sessions we hold all the time in our clinic, and what targeted protocols do to achieve this.

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We want to say right up front that organ donations have saved countless lives, turning tragic circumstances for one family into wonderful circumstances for another family.

We are not against the principles of donating organs to those in need when a terminal illness or serious accident causes death without severe damage to some or many organs. The problem, as usual, is the commerce attached to this end of the health care spectrum.

With nebulous definitions of "brain death" and "death", the organ donation industry has crossed the line more than once, into ethical grey areas where it is not at all clear that the donor had no chance for life of their own.

With doctors calling for a new ethics around organ donation, Dr. Jack and Mary take a deeper look at this phenomenon. What sort of boundaries can and should be established that aren't in place today? Tune in to be shocked.

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Locking or locked jaw symptoms can be serious or even deadly. First, there is the obvious problem of adequate breathing and eating if your jaw is preventing or impeding your mouth from opening normally.

But a locked jaw situation can mean a number of more serious infections or even parasite infestations. And if one family member is infested, other family members are certain to also be infested.

Gross! But too often ignored by doctors until there have been months or years of unnecessary suffering and illness.

And then of course, the recommendation is always antibiotics or basically pesticides to kill the invader (along with your gut flora and digestive system tissues).

But, there is a better way. Mother nature provides adequate protection for most parasites if your body is nourished properly.

And let's not forget that body alignment can have a huge impact on jaw health as well. Malocclusions and their relationship with neck alignment can have a dramatic impact on the health of the jaw. The bottom line is that locking jaw symptoms can be several complex problems. Dr. Jack and Mary cover several possible causes, and the non-poison options available to people suffering from this horrible problem.

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This week Dr. Jack and Mary delve into heart health. It seems every week we hear about another surprising heart attack death in Hollywood or elsewhere. Our current medical systems take is laughably inadequate to deal with the scourge of heart disease we've invented in this country in the last 100 years.

With no more to recommend than "take statins, don't eat fat, and exercise" the American medical establishment has overseen the Great Sickening of our culture. They are more than happy to intervene when there is a crisis, but before you get that far, they seem to only recommend a limited set of ideas that take many of us to that point of crisis.

It's going to have to be ourselves who stop this cycle. By treating the idea that every heart is precious, and properly nourishing yourself, your heart will positively thrive!

Learn more about the nutrition and the psychology of heart health in this week's episode.

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We've all been trained to think that heartburn, gas and bloating are minor nuisances, easy to medicate in various ways from anti-acids to more radical acid inhibitors. Now more than ever, research shows us how simple-minded this type of thinking is.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss several critical components of digestion. Not only is our body telling us important information when you have heartburn or bloating, but it's positively irresponsible to ignore or medicate these issues away.

Both our diet choices, as well as our gut health could be seriously compromised, causing all kinds of digestion disruption symptoms, including the three we are talking about here.

The good news is that nutrition and whole food supplements can cause an amazing transformation to your gut health, curbing or even eliminating heartburn, gas and bloating.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should tune in to learn about the real science at work in your gut, and what you can do to treat heartburn, gas, & bloating naturally.

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We're back! Thanks for waiting patiently...

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss variations of the "placebo" effect and "nocebo" effect, and why these phenomenon matter.

As holistic practitioners have known for year, the composition of your thoughts and attitudes can have a direct effect on your wellness, and how you respond to treatment when you aren't well.

This is a very big deal in this current world of fixed fates, based on the blueprint of our DNA. Many experts essentially insist that DNA is the end of the discussion when it comes to your body. The codes therein dictate what's going to happen to your health in your life. But evidence from even the earliest DNA studies know better.

It's far more complicated, and this is where our very thoughts can have direct impacts on brain and body chemistry, and even gene expression.

It may not be necessary to take the severe steps Angelina Jolie took when she discovered that her DNA contained the chance of deadly breast and ovarian cancer. But what must you do if you have troubling DNA suggesting some future disease?

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